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Carpet Cleaning


We have a number of cleaning methods that we can use to clean your carpets, but our primary means is our top of the range Hot Water Extraction machine, known to many as steam cleaning.


Why Steam Cleaning? - This is the only cleaning method classified as "deep cleaning". All the others are considered "light surface cleaning" or "interim cleaning" because they are incapable of removing soil deep in the pile. Also, all other methods leave large amounts of cleaning agent in the carpet after cleaning.


We don’t use harsh chemicals or detergents. We use only hot water and eco-friendly solutions, disposed of down the drain. There’s no harm to the environment in their production or disposal. So they are kind to your home too, safe for your children and pets. Our equipment is powerful but energy efficient, requiring mains power only.


This is the only way you can guarantee your carpets are left smelling great and soil free, with quick drying time. Your carpets will be cleaner, brighter and fresh smelling, and you'll be proud to invite your neighbours, friends and family into your home once more.


Using our powerful, state of the art equipment and child/pet safe detergent-free technologies, you can trust us to provide the deepest possible cleaning for your carpets. Your revitalised carpets will not only be dry in a couple of hours, they will also look like new and feel luxuriously soft and fluffy with our superior, long lasting deep clean system.


Commercial Cleaning Services


We understand that you only get one chance to impress a potential new client. And that's why you need your office carpets and upholstery looking at their best. We understand that cleaning your work place can be an inconvenience, and that's why we have flexible times to work around you.


Keeping your carpets and upholstery regularly cleaned helps to maintain a healthier, happier and more productive working environment for you and your colleagues.


Our cleaning solutions exhibit antiviral and antibacterial properties; in addition to removing allergens, pollutants and odours from your office workspace.


Tired looking reception or meeting rooms? We can restore your carpets and seating to 'like new' again giving you a reception or meeting rooms that you'll be proud to welcome your clients into.


But, it’s not just customers and clients that are to be considered. It’s also about the employees. An employee that is forced to work in a less-than clean environment is not going to be as motivated to work hard as an employee that feels looked after and appreciated.


Upholstery Cleaning


If your upholstery is high quality, then professional care is needed to preserve the fabric, as furniture is exposed to small amounts of dust, dirt and soil every day. With upholstery fabrics varying from natural fibres to synthetic polyester and vinyl, it’s important that the correct upholstery cleaning method and equipment is used. We will expertly identify the fabric type before matching it with the safest and most effective cleaning method that’s going to produce the best results.


Your upholstery can conceal high levels of soiling, perspiration, odours, dander, oil and grease from hair and cosmetics. Using our powerful, state of the art equipment and the latest 21st century, child and pet safe detergent-free technologies, we caringly remove all of these restoring your upholstery's former appearance.


Using specific cleaning solutions formulated for the specialist cleaning of upholstery, we can rejuvenate tired furniture such as sofas, settees, your favourite arm chair, dining room chairs, cushions, bed headboards and much more. Once we have thoroughly cleaned your upholstery we are able to apply fabric protectors to help prevent those unfortunate spills from staining the fabric.


Mattress Cleaning


Did you know that 60% of the dust mites and other pathogens in the home are in the bedroom? On average we spend 8 hours per night in bed which is a lot of time for mattresses to accumulate discarded skin cells and the inevitable dust mites and their droppings. Regular 6 monthly cleaning removes 99% of all dust mites and helps towards a good night’s sleep.


Only a professional steam clean can get your mattresses thoroughly clean. We do this by using a clean hot water extraction method that removes dirt, stains and dust mites (which are bad for your health especially asthma sufferers) accumulated deep in mattresses that sponge cleaning alone cannot remove.


Yacht Soft Furnishing


Lloyd Sellen Carpet and Upholstery Care protect your investment in your Yacht. Carpets and Upholstery are expensive to replace, with regular cleaning, your upholstery and carpets will not age as quickly as dirt causes wear, this will also help the resale value of your Yacht. Let Lloyd Sellen identify the fibres that make up your soft furnishing and clean them using the right method with the correct products, preventing costly mistakes.


Stain Removal


When you call us, we will discuss the stain removal with you and, a consultation can be arranged to physically inspect it, we will be able to confirm how likely the stain will be removed before any expense is incurred to yourself.


Unfortunately, it is not always possible to remove a stain. There can be many reasons for this. We will be able to explain why if such a situation arises. However, if we are unable to completely remove the stain, we can normally dramatically reduce its appearance. Make sure you call us quickly after a stain occurs (we will advise what to do in the meantime), as the length of time that lapses afterwards could affect the chances of the stain being removed.


Car Upholstery Cleaning


Lloyd Sellen delivers top quality interior car care for all vehicle makes and models. We work with the best care solutions found on the market to ensure a supreme effect. You will be thrilled how incredible and fresh your car looks.

Cars are considered to be one of the greatest of the life's necessities. Each vehicle possessor makes attempt to preserve the auto in stunning look. Regardless of how hard we try though, car cabins quickly begin to display people's addictions alike- spills, dust and grime accumulate in the crevices, air in the saloon gets sandy and fusty. If you drive with kids or puppies, in spite of the pleasant moments together, they frankly complicate the state of affairs.

We know that you have too much work and there is no time for car upholstery cleaning in your busy schedule. For that reason we will come straight to your door to perform the cleaning procedure that will save you a lot of time. All you have to do is call us.


Allergy Protection


Many of us suffer from allergies that could easily be avoided with the right cleaning treatments in place. A happy home is one free from irritants and allergens, and with decades of cleaning experience, we know exactly how to help.


A major contributor to allergy symptoms and perhaps the most common year-round trigger of allergies and asthma is the presence of dust mites. Many of us don’t realise that dust mites are responsible for allergy symptoms, but if you find yourself sneezy or with a runny nose when in your house, it is likely that they're to blame.


The other common allergen at home will likely be from a pet. It’s commonly believed that animal fur is what causes animal allergies. However, this is not strictly the case. Animals are a source of many allergens, from their fur, skin and even saliva.


Allergy treatments from our experts are based on proven formulas. Not only will they have a significant effect on the causes of allergy symptoms in your home, but they will also deal with other infestations often found in household furnishings.

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